12/22/10 which is worse? the glass ceiling or cliff, Association of Psychological Science

09/24/10 fashion week diversity by the numbers, Jezebel

09/05/10 american muslims ask, will we ever belong?, New York Times

04/24/10 republican sorry for “put her back in the kitchen” slap, CNN Politics

03/21/10 bias called persistent hurdle for women in sciences, New York Times

03/15/10 with ‘enlightened sexism’ susan j. douglas takes a blunt look at…, The Plain Dealer

03/10/10 how oscar found ms. right, New York Times

03/08/10 oscar, I didn’t know it mattered, Ms. Blog

12/01/09 give cleveland NAACP president george forbes an aunt jemima image award, The Plain Dealer

11/30/09 we may be born with an urge to help, New York Times (bottom of page 1 discusses the emerging behavior of social norms at 3 years old)

11/10/09 robert bergman, emerging from the darkroom, NPR, all things considered

11/08/09 zenyatta breeders’ cup 2009 video, Los Angeles Times

11/06/09 precious, when life is hard, stuborness is a virture, NPR all things considered

11/06/09 recession drives women into role of breadwinner, NPR morning edition

11/01/09 facing identity conflicts, black students fall behind, NPR weekend edition sunday

11/01/09 a combat role and anguish too, New York Times

fall 2009 paycheck feminism, Ms. Magazine

10/20/09 brian jungen: crafting everyday objects into art, NPR

10/18/09 when black and white aren’t black and white, Miller-McCune

10/16/09 man’s halt of interracial marriage sparks outrage, San Francisco Chronicle

10/13/09 first woman awarded nobel in economics, The Wall Street Journal

9/30/09 stereotypes loom larger as our brains age, Miller-McCune

9/11/09 cave painters’ giveaway handprints at Peche-Merle, TimesOnline


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  • 1. mo  |  November 6, 2009 at 2:30 am

    is it true that oldies are more prone to stereotype? Or is it just those STUPID CONSERVATIVES? >oops<


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