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The other day I went to an event where a close friend of mine, an african-american man, was also there. He was there as a member of the press, I am audience member. I didn’t see him during the event, so as I stepped outside and was leaving I called him. He was in the press area, which happened to be about 5 feet away from me, but inside. He was next to a window. I was outside on the sidewalk. We spent a few minutes talking to each other on the phone, he on one side of the window, and I on the other. It was a funny situation. I mentioned that it felt like he was in jail (the glass barrier and having to use a phone to talk to the other person). His response was, “Why do I have to be the one in jail?!” It was funny, but, yes, it got me thinking, why was it that I assumed HE was in jail and not me? Was it because he is a black male?


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