Have you ever suddenly realized that you unconsciously believe a stereotype?

the nurse and the police officer merges a cartoon-like, colorful, soft, cheery scene with the complex melody and rhythm of voices collected during interviews throughout Cleveland, OH. Interviewees were asked to share personal examples of unconscious, gut reactions based on stereotypes or prejudices, which they didn’t think they felt.

The visual component of the project represents the pie in the sky attitude that we live in post sexist/racist society.  The work juxtaposes the supposedly all-is-wonderful world with the stereotyping that lingers. This discussion about stereotypes and prejudice does not intend to point fingers or cast blame. the nurse and the police officer allows visitors to challenge their own prejudices while openly listening to those of their neighbors.

postcard blog Emery

Have you ever surprised yourself with an unconscious thought­?
Thought something prejudiced about a group you are part of?
Experienced a gut response that was different from how you think you think?

Submit your story anonymously.
Or come to an interview session.
Hear or read other people’s stories.

Learn more about my work.

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  • 1. linda  |  October 31, 2009 at 3:41 am

    Way cool – cant wait to see you at spaces – go EE


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